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New Laser Testing Using a 405nm UV laser Pointer and a 532nm Portable Green Laser

by dhaffnersr | September 08, 2016 11:54 08 Sep 11:54 | #13429 | #13429

New testing on a 0.05mm Gillette razor Blade Utility Knife Open-Air Slit (based on my previous design.)

I wanted to see just how much more resolution I could squeeze out of this spectrometer, so I remove the 0.09mm Gillette razor blade slit and redid the design with a pair of Gillette utility knife razor blades. This took me about two hours to get it perfect but I got it right, now I have a 0.05mm open-air slit width, pretty incredible I would say, I used the same testing method as I did in a previous post on the 0.09mm open-air slit.

Now I have a spectral bandwidth of 0.68nm, and here is my proof;


An EEM (emission excitation matrix,) allows for a kind of 2 dimensional view that lets one examine in detail, an emission (X-axis,) and an excitation (Y-axis,) of your data.

The next plot is Fig.1, which is the peak for the 532nm green laser;


Fig.2 is zoomed in 1X, to show full laser line (532nm);


Fig.3 are both lasers together, wavelength range is 400 - 600nm;


Fig.4 is the 405nm UV laser pointer peak;




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