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Special Scan - Sweet Wyoming Crude Oil 2D EEM Analysis of 0.11mm Slit Width

by dhaffnersr |

These are 4 EEM graphic plots showing the before and after effects of removal of Rayleigh/Raman Scattering of the spectral captured data.

Here is the first 2 plots illustrating the removal of the 1st and 2nd order Rayleigh peaks, and the removal of Raman scattering.


These next 2 plots show the before and after effects


Here is the Emission plot of the sample of crude oil using my UV laser pointer as the excitation source


Some conclusions, I am satisfied with this body of evidence from this latest research and the past two research notes I have posted on the difference between using Plab's acetate film strips as slits and using a much more stable and reliable open-air design such as the Gillette Metal razor blade 0.11mm slit I constructed.

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