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Comparison Values for 0.09mm and 0.11mm Slit Width

by dhaffnersr | August 20, 2016 23:31 20 Aug 23:31 | #13376 | #13376

Here is the data for the second part of my comparison of the 0.09mm acetate film strip and the 0.11mm metal open-air design slit.

The first table shows the data points and error percentages for the absorption data for Eosin y in ethanol scan that was done today, 08/20/2016 and those that were done on 08/10/2016 with the 0.09mm slit.


This next plot is an emission scan done today using the 0.11mm slit with Eosin Y in ethanol using a 532nm green 150mW laser. The dotted blue lines in the plot is the emission scan done on 08/10/2016 of the same sample (eosin Y in ethanol,) using the 0.09mm slit.


References - eosin y in ethanol


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