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UV Laser Pointer and Green Laser Spectra Through 1 Quartz Cuvette

by dhaffnersr | August 18, 2016 21:08 18 Aug 21:08 | #13366 | #13366

2 Different Laser Wavelength's through 6 Different Solvents

I wanted to test the resolution of my 0.09mm slit width, so what better way to do that then, aiming a laser through a quartz cuvette filled with 6 different solvents, and here are my results:

1 quartz cuvette was used for all spectral scans. Instrumentation: DH 4.0 v4 Spectrometer

Solvents used were:

1) Isopropyl alcohol [99.99% purity-certified by Duda Energy LLc] 2) Ethanol [95% purity-200proof] Consolidated Chemical Corp. 3) Acetone [99.5 + -%] lab quality- Consolidated Chemical Corp. 4)Ethyl Acetate - lab grade Consolidated Chemical Corp. 5) Methanol [99.65+%] Lab grade Consolidaed Chemical Corp. 6) Distilled Water - Store bought [TDS meter used {total dissolved solids = 0}






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