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Introducing the DH 4.2 Spectrometer (prototype build 4.0.1)

by dhaffnersr | May 11, 2016 18:08 11 May 18:08 | #13103 | #13103

What I want to do

1) To construct a reliable and accurate spectrometer 2) To make it cost effective 3) Easy to construct and modify 4) Durable and portable for field work

My attempt and results

After 3 months of severe trial and error, based upon the original design by Public lab version 2.5 spectrometer kit, I have finally constructed and tested my own version and design. I have kicked it, dropped it from 4 feet and she has stayed in alignment and operates normally. (NOT waterproof!)

With this particular build-4.0.1, I have ran over 500 spectral tests and analysis, I will be posting those results shortly but I wanted to post this because I am quite proud of my work here and I feel I have met 3.5 terms of my stated goal.

Questions and next steps

The next step is to field test it, with laptop in hand and do some real work!

Why I'm interested

This started out as a curiosity science project for me, then I started to really get interested once I started imaging spectra's and analyzing them. Now I am so hooked, I just had to find out just how far I could take this little project (that's the engineer in me,) and see how accurate and reliable I could make it.












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