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Uv laser pointer (405nm <5mW) 2 stroke motor oil related testing Apr/29/2016

by dhaffnersr | April 29, 2016 18:08 29 Apr 18:08 | #13049 | #13049

This research is in direct relation to my previous testing of 2 stroke motor oil. I have also included 4 oil samples, each dissolved in a different solvent for comparison purposes and understanding the difference between polar and non-polar solvents and compounds.

The second purpose of these tests are also to demonstrate the importance in using the correct solvent for the compound that is to be tested, in order to gather accurate and valid results.

Thirdly, these tests will further demonstrate that the complete homogenizing of sample and solvent, will in no way compromise data gathering with a spectrometer.

Samples including the control and blank, are the same as in the last series of tests.






These are an addition to the above work.

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Here is another look at the oil samples in their respective solvents 24 hours later; Time:05:36am 04/30/16


This is the cheapest and most readily available form of Methanol


Ethyl acetate


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An affordable and great Raman Spectrometer!

I really appreciate what you have demonstrated with the PublicLab spectrometer you have wonderfully modified.

Thanks again,


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Hello swkim789! Thanks so much, it took me about 4 months of trial and error to get it to this point but I think I'm on the right track!

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