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Using Ethyl acetate as a primary solvent for non-polar compounds

by dhaffnersr | April 28, 2016 21:06 28 Apr 21:06 | #13046 | #13046

The picture above is the exact samples I used for this test on using Ethyl acetate for a primary solvent. The first thing you will notice is the difference in color, the sample on the left was the control used as a reference ( undiluted 2 stroke motor oil,) the sample on the right is 2 stroke motor oil dissolved in Ethyl acetate - chemical formula= C4H8O2.

Sample preparation was straight forward, 1 cuvette filled with undiluted oil (1.5ml) 1 cuvette as a blank (Ethyl acetate) and the test sample ( 2 stroke motor oil dissolved in ethyl acetate. Excitation source used:1W 3.4vdc 350mA Uv LED (prolight)


Using ethyl acetate as a primary solvent (ethyl acetate is non-polar.) for non-polar compounds ie,.aromatic hydrocarbons, will immediately homogenize the sample.

There will be NO separation of solute or solvent, and no cloudy layers to contend with.

In the data above, notice on the sample correction curve that, the data points are closer to the trend line than on the graph showing the control sample. I will be doing this series again using a 405nm Uv laser and a 532nm green laser to further clarify the data.


I also uploaded the raw data if anyone is interested and put this in a set, here they are: raw data for 2 stroke motor oil tests apr28

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