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Peak and FWHM data for UV laser baselines

by dhaffnersr | February 18, 2016 13:06 18 Feb 13:06 | #12705 | #12705

UV (405nm) – peaks and FWHM data: Distilled water - BLK wavelength [nm] absorbance FWHM [nm] 403.92 1.0000 3.0139 Ethyl alcohol - RED wavelength [nm] absorbance FWHM [nm] 403.92 1.0000 3.1002 Isopropyl alcohol - GRN wavelength [nm] absorbance FWHM [nm] 403.92 1.0000 3.4711 Ethanol - BLUE wavelength [nm] absorbance FWHM [nm] 403.92 1.0000 3.3878



All these baselines where taking thru a cell length of 2.05cm


These are really nice clean datasets, thanks Dave!

Do you have any access to 405nm LEDs, to compare with laser tests? It's a question we're interested in some rigorous testing on.

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Hey Jeff! Yeah I think I do have some 405nm LEDs, I have a lot of electronic parts I've scavenged over the years, I'll take a look and let you know.

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