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NIR Filter Switch Parts

by danbeavers | April 20, 2013 20:43 20 Apr 20:43 | #6939 | #6939



Mathew provided the filter switcher. Both sides of the switch are covered with a protective film that I have not bothered to remove yet. There are 5 separate parts. All of the parts come out after removing the 4 screws (not shown). The X shaped part is metal with internal threads for mounting the filter switch. The other black material is plastic. The solenoid is a split coil with magnet latching. In other words the lever is held at one side or the other by a weak magnet. You can easily change the filter with a hard shake in the appropriate direction.


Filter Parts I closely inspected the filter holder to determine how the clear (Infra Red pass) filter was attached. There were 4 spots of glue with 2 spots on 2 opposite edges. I placed the glue side down on the paper towel which is over a hard surface and used the side of the forceps to gently press out the clear filter. The removed filter is just visible above its holder.

Questions and next steps

  • What is the resistance of the coil? 19.7 ohm
  • How to mount the visible filter?
  • What to use for the IR pass filter?
  • What are the dimensions of the new filter? 8.1 x 8.0 mm (probably square)
  • How to mount the switch to my PowerShot A800?
  • How to switch the filter? cheap H bridge


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