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Easy Cut Delta Kite simplification

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Wintercamp activities included working on simplifying the kite build. From the left. A pocket for the spar spreader that we were not really happy with. Next is the mini-caribener and pex plastic pipe. This was the standard attachment. The solution we arrived with eliminated the additional parts. Next are 3 mock-ups of folded pockets. The last item is the almost final form.

Here is another view of the almost final solution. Instead of cutting a notch in the edge we used a hole punch for a tear resistant hole

Here is the final solution.

There is a hole in the kite material that the loop of string passes thru. The string wraps around the edge spar with a small piece of kite material making a pocket for the string. The spreader has a grove cut in the end like an arrow into which the looped string is placed.

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