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De-Bayer research

by danbeavers | September 13, 2013 03:34 | 67 views | 1 comments | #9324 | 67 views | 1 comments | #9324 13 Sep 03:34

What I want to do

I got interested in how to remove the Bayer layer on image sensors. Or how to convert a color camera into a monochrome camera by debayering it.

My attempt and results

I did some web searching and found: JTW Astronomy - So far this is the most complete and reasonable instructions I have found.

Another site with lots of good technical information is LDP LLC but they don't have much information on how to do the conversion (that I have found so far).

Questions and next steps

More research and experimentation.


I can't tag: camera camera-modification Error: tags can only include letters, numbers, and dashes

I see what my problem is now. The field is labeled "enter tagS" but it will only accept single tags!

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