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Developing film canisters from Louisiana sent by Shannon

by Clarke_Brian | February 12, 2013 21:54 12 Feb 21:54 | #5961 | #5961

The first image shows the canisters as they arrived from Louisiana. To differentiate one set from the other, two dashes were drawn on the canisters ranging from 1= to 6B=.
The next series of photos consists of the strips once they had been removed from the canisters and developed. The first set is 1-5 and the second set is 1= to 6B=, with 4 and 4= acting as controls. One issue we had was the curling of the strips, which prevented equal coverage of the fixer during development. To solve this, we are considering pinning the strips to a board to keep them flat during development. Also, we did not remove the stickers prior to development, which were intended to act as a control for each strip. Removing the stickers is something we will do in the future. We saw the effects of hydrogen sulfide on strips 1, 5, 2=, and 3=. However, strips 5, 2=, and 3= did not have actual caps on the canisters and were instead covered with tape, which may have skewed the results.
To move further with this project we will need to procure a large amount of canisters with caps, and come up with a method to standardize photographing the strips.


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