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Preparing to map thermal pollution

by clairebwmiller | February 04, 2014 16:59 04 Feb 16:59 | #10010 | #10010

The goal of this project is to have an image of thermal water pollution. Yesterday, myself and Jeff hooked up a laptop to a thermal camera- connected them both to my car's cigarette lighter- and went for a drive. You can see the results with some of the pictures here.

Screenshot_2014-02-03_20.16.35.png The pictures of people walking in the snow came out the best.

Screenshot_2014-02-03_20.13.06.png We could see that some the cars (like this one) that had recently been running showed up nicely, while other cars were very difficult to see against the snow.

Screenshot_2014-02-03_19.44.58.png The picture of the lighter is actually while we were still inside and had it hooked up to a TV.

Next- we may try to get this whole hook-up (which compacts nicely into that orange suitcase) onto a plane.


awesome! Love the orange suit case.

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fantastic! one step closer!

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Awesome! FLIR-tin' with greatness, here.

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