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NDVI output

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Three new color tables made by Ned Horning to present NDVI values as color images.

Ned Horning has been working on his ImageJ plugin and since I finished my poster and my last research note, he made improvements to the way it standardizes images so they have a similar appearance. Below is an updated composite of the New Hampshire cover crop trials made with new options in the plugin. I aligned 20 new NDVI images in Photoshop, but the images output by the plugin were not adjusted or blended. I will bring a copy of this to Cocodrie to add to the unposter session.

The poster below can be viewed full screen here .


Nice work! Thanks for sharing this. The color tables you generated produce very clear distinctions in the images. I would suggest one caution: The distinctions will be all but lost on those with red-green color-blindness. The value ranges are good, and a color other than red for the negative range will avoid the problem with that rather sizable population. Just a thought.

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Andy, That's a really good suggestion. You can see what this research note might look like to those who are red-green colorblind here (the gigapan embed does not show up). I will talk to Ned Horning about coming up with a color table that will be more useful to those with protanopia. Thanks, Chris

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