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Open Source does it again! We discussed making a documentary of LEAFFEST, but no plan emerged, and I never took any video or stills. Several others recorded some of the action, and true to the open source creed, lots of this media was made available. The best way I could think of to archive it was to compile it into a video. And here it is. I think this is the first time I have made a video with other people's material. It's quite liberating. Enjoy.

Several research notes from LEAFFEST activities, including early versions of parts of this movie, are now posted. .


Wow -- well, first, we'd like to thank the Academy.

My favorite part was Don cheering in the timelapse.

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Chris, thanks for pulling this together. For me, video takes so long to gather up and post. In this case, the result was well worth it.

So many neat things are highlighted. I really like the color coding of temperature on the gps flight track in 3D.

Did the hydrogen generation effort finally inflate a bag? If not, what should be done differently to make this a viable alternative, given the current helium shortage?

See you in New Orleans.

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Pat, they eventually captured enough hydrogen to lift the bag. The main problem with their setup was that it did not pressurize. The goal is to force the newly generated hydrogen into the second jug so it bubbles through cool water. This removes impurities including water vapor. Then the hydrogen flows into the balloon. The Al + NaOH reaction produces enough pressure to do this, but you have to be brave enough to seal the system so nothing can escape. If something clogs up, pressure could pop something and spew hot NaOH where you don't want it. All you need is old fashioned rubber stoppers that would just pop out if the pressure gets too high. They eventually abandoned the second jug and piped the hot, steamy hydrogen mix directly to the bag where it dissolved the aluminum lining and where the steam condensed and puddled. Get them a couple of rubber stoppers, and next time they will no doubt be flying high.

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