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The KAPtober Collection

by cfastie | October 08, 2014 23:08 08 Oct 23:08 | #11253 | #11253

This weekend I hosted some family in Vermont and we combined leaf peeping with kite photography. We flew all five rigs in the KAPtober Collection which has just been posted at the KAPtery. The KAPtober Collection includes three dual-camera infrared rigs and two single camera rigs, and we captured oblique aerial photos and some vertical mapping photos. The KAPtober Collection incorporates higher quality cameras than I usually use, including the Canon PowerShot S100. The S100 seems to be the ideal camera for kite and balloon photography.
Results from a dual camera infrared rig with two PowerShot S100 cameras.
Most of the cameras in this collection were refurbished cameras from Canon. These looked pristine when I bought them and are obviously not used cameras, but may be extra inventory or something like that. One dual rig uses my personal used PowerShot S95 cameras. These are well-treated used cameras in good working order. My plan is to upgrade to the S100 (it has GPS!) .
Results from a dual camera infrared rig with two used PowerShot S95 cameras.

Above: Maps stitched from photos captured by a dual camera rig with two PowerShot A2300 cameras. These are the smallest and most lightweight Powershots I have used.
Single shot from a Redstone Rig with a PowerShot S100.
The infrared converted cameras all have Wratten 87 filters replacing their IR block filter and make rather intriguing photos of plants and landscapes. This was taken by a converted S95.
For more results, and to see photos of the rigs, check out the KAPtery. I'm afraid two of the five new rigs have already been purchased. But I have already ordered four more S100s, so we should be restocked in a couple of weeks. And three KAPtober rigs are still available.


Nice imagery and great work on the KAP rigs. We're just finishing up a New England holiday. No KAP though.

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