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Image above: Infragram NDVI image of two hedgehog mushrooms before they met their fate.


Learning Everything About Fungal Foraging Especially Sautéing Techniques

Sunday morning mushroom foraging at LEAFFEST yielded about 20 species of spore bearing bodies. This included what was probably the deadly poisonous destroying angel (Amanita virosa) and lots of small species. Most of the mass of what we found and collected was Hydnum repandum, an edible and delicious "hedgehog" mushroom. These were in prime condition and were quickly sautéed and consumed, but not before capturing Infragrams and other photos of them.

Two of the Hydnum repandum that we collected.

Infragram of two hedgehog mushrooms.

The hedgehog mushrooms (foreground) and others we collected.

Infragram NDVI of the mushrooms. NDVI of fungi might not have much biological meaning. But the destroying angels are the bluest!

Butter and garlic did not overpower the delicious Hydnum flavor.

Hedgehog brunch at LEAFFEST.


Is the destroying angel bluest because of toxicity?

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