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by cfastie | September 03, 2013 17:27 03 Sep 17:27 | #9229 | #9229

It's been a damp summer, and last week was wet. So there are mushrooms popping up everywhere. There is some LEAFFEST interest in mushrooms, and it looks like this weekend will be a good time to find them. The light was fading when I took these photos behind the house, but I was surprised how poorly the Infragrams separated photosynthetic from non-photosynthetic tissue. This might require more investigation at LEAFFEST. Please register if you would like to join us: Eventbrite - LEAFFEST 2013


leaffestest-216-23.jpg leaffestest-217-27.jpg

leaffestest-216-51.jpg leaffestest-217-55.jpg

Infragrams taken with modified Canon A810 with Rosco #74 filter white balanced on blue paper under blue sky in shade.


Would the result improve if you set white balance using a neutral target? Concrete is pretty even across the visible and near IR.

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That's a good thing to test, and it's easy with your Superblue G11 which has two custom white balance presets, one for a blue surface in the shade and one for a gray surface in the sun. Another thing I would like to try is to bring the mushrooms into the sun and photograph them there.

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