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Aerial Photo Rig Bargains

by cfastie | August 04, 2015 15:43 04 Aug 15:43 | #12119 | #12119

If you're thinking of moving up from that soda bottle rig, this could be your week. This week only, a Redstone Rig Kit from the KAPtery is on sale for $40.00 (US shipping included).
A Redstone Rig Kit and Picavet for suspending a small camera from a kite line. A kit to build both the rig and Picavet is on sale for $54.00. Colors may vary.
All the kits to build camera rigs, suspensions, and timers are on sale for 20% to 30% off. All the assembled rigs with cameras are also on sale.
This assembled package with Redstone Rig, Picavet, and Canon PowerShot Elph 130 is on sale for $139 (free US shipping).
The new beta version of the Saturn V Rig with motors to point the camera is also on sale. If you would like to try out an early version of this system and post a research note about your experiences, you are welcome to join the beta team.
The beta Saturn V Rig with SkyShield autoKAP controller based on Arduino.
The Summer Sale runs all week until Sunday, August 9.


Thanks Chris. The rigs with cameras are very good values. While I tend to go back to the juice-bottle rigs (being Picavet challenged as we all know), I do show off your 3-D printed rigs to folks all the time and people really like them.

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