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Bee Movie

by cfastie | June 01, 2013 01:26 01 Jun 01:26 | #7997 | #7997

Jeff asked about capturing videos with a new Powershot that he has just converted to infrablue. I had been wondering whether Adobe Premiere could manipulate the color channels to make false color infrared or NDVI from an infrablue video, so I tried it. I think Premiere can do exactly what I have been doing in Photoshop to make NBG images. I captured a short clip of a bumble bee visiting geranium flowers with a Powershot A810 that had been converted to infrablue. I used Premiere's Channel Mixer to switch the green and blue channels to make NBG (the infrablue version of NRG). Then I used the Color Balance (HLS) video effect to adjust the hue and saturation so the color resembled false color infrared aerial images. The bee's bristles were all yellow, and the flowers were deep purple. The infrared light is displayed as red, so the redder things are, the more near infrared light was being reflected from them.

Making NDVI might bee harder:)


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