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iFARM 2015 report

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IFarm 2015 was this past weekend in Lee, New Hampshire. This was the fourth annual meet-up to share progress and ideas about providing richer information to farmers. There are a few photos below, but many more in a Google story. This is the first time I have tried this, and it has potential. There is no option to embed the media, so you have to follow the link above to see the whole story.
Dorn and Ned worked every day on making UAVs collect more complicated data.
Ned and I took test photos with eight infrared filters to learn which produced good NDVI images.
On Sunday the Levitation Delta (AKA the Icarus kite) lifted the new Saturn V pan/tilt rig on its maiden flight and took 550 aerial photos.
We used the PhotosynQ MultispeQ to compare photosynthesis of Austrian winter pea planted with winter rye in three different fields.
Don stuck this thing on my Redstone KAP rig to see if he could get telemetry from a flying camera indicating that it was still taking photos. He could! And for under $20.
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Thanks to Dorn and his family for hosting another spectacular weekend at their farm.


Great time! Here are a few of the photos I took...











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Really nice photos Mike. And you must be a ninja photographer because I never noticed that you were taking those photos of me. Thanks for posting them.

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Great work all. Lots of interesting stuff.

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Google story works nicely.

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