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Prototype CounterTop Spectrometer Built(Works)

by cbreuer | February 03, 2013 04:42 03 Feb 04:42 | #5875 | #5875

In the past couple of days I have helped Jeff finalize the parts list and build a prototype of the countertop spectrometer for the kickstarter (Link to parts list) I have had succes in adding the dimmer to the powercord and lightbulb/socket. The actual spectrometer part of it is just a desktop spectrometer mounted to a base with a power and light source. The height totals 1 foot 4 inches, the width 4.5 inches and the depth 7.5 inches. You can switch in and out what ever type of light bulb your need or prefer to use. In future updates the dimmer will fit inside the side pipe and all cables with come out the back one way or another. As notes fitting the usb cables inside the pipe and thru the joints becomes hard with sticky tape inside of them and because of the stiff usb casing on the end. The Spectral Workbench (Link) website works great with the prototype (I might have found a bug with the calibration in Mountain Lion(Mac OSX)(I'll post an issue on Git Hub)). -Cort


Did you attend the BOSSLAB thing and show it? Sorry I didn't make it.

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Sadly I was unable to show it as it was a very quick basic meeting. It was geared towards just seeing that people wanted to make Bosslab an actual thing.

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