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Follow up on Bridget and Casey's water samples

by caseyrcampbell327 | September 30, 2014 13:59 30 Sep 13:59 | #11208 | #11208

Here's a link to our previous post relating to water testing in the Boston area:

And here's our Youtube explanation that explains our results:

As we talked about in our Youtube video, both of the salt water samples were significantly higher in pitch than the water taken from a private home in Beacon Hill. The water from Beacon Hill was so low it was difficult to hear - as we compared, it was akin to the moaning of a dying Happy Meal toy of some sort. This signifies clearly that the conductivity in Beacon Hill is relatively low; while this doesn't provide any sort of concrete evidence that there is no contamination in the water, it definitely is a good clue that things are going well in the water supply. The salt water samples would have naturally been higher than the freshwater sample out of Beacon Hill due to the fact that there is already dissolved solids in the water - being salt. However, these samples were actually so high in pitch that we couldn't register the frequency naturally; we had to use different equipment to render the pitch to conform to human hearing. The pitch was still at the further, high end of our hearing abilities, which signifies that something fishy is going on down in Plymouth's waters by the boat row and at the beach park.


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