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(Attempted) Kite Mapping at Dead Horse Bay

by bronwen |

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What I want to do

Our first attempt at kite mapping the debris at Dead Horse Bay in Brooklyn, NY. We're interested in getting a sense of how different materials are dispersed along the beaches in the bay and surrounding areas.

My attempt and results

We had trouble getting either of the kites (conyne and delta, borrowed from PLOTS) and camera rigs up in the air for any meaningful amount of time due to low wind. Instead spent time photographing old plant/landfill materials on the beach.

Questions and next steps

Will need to schedule follow-up visits to begin aerial mapping, Would like to be able to capture a fairly low altitude image of the beach itself and then start to ID trash in different sections and begin gathering data about dispersion/content throughout the year.


Glad you're headed out, looking forward to a successful trip!

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