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Kits are on the move!

by Bronwen | August 24, 2017 15:59 24 Aug 15:59 | #14789 | #14789

Our kits are on the move! Those of you on our mailing lists may have already heard, but in case you missed it...

Portland, Oregon has been home to the Public Lab store and kits initiative since 2013. Some of you have had a chance to visit the office in downtown Portland and see the piles of rubberbands, boxes and kites... it's an impressive amount of objects!

Recently, with two of our long-term staff members moving on from the Portland office, the nonprofit has made the decision to relocate the kits program to Providence, Rhode Island to more closely locate with our teams, which are spread across the east coast and south. What this means is a couple things:

1) Orders placed after 8/17 will not ship until mid/late September. You can still place orders and use the store contact form to reach us with store-related questions, and we will keep you updated about our timeline as we move forward. Fulfillment for our recent Kickstarter campaign will also likely be a little bit behind schedule (more info here), but we don't expect a major delay.

2) We will be hiring a Kits Coordinator to work part time in Providence. The job description has just been posted and we'll be accepting applications through September 1, 2017. We're grateful to Abdul Fitouri for the time he has spent with Public Lab, but he has decided not to make the move across country.

We'll miss having a presence in Portland, but are excited about making a new home for the kits store in Providence. We appreciate your patience during this process, and hope to be up and running as usual soon!

We are all still available via the regular channels during this transition, so please don't hesitate to let us know if you have questions about the move, the job posting, or any urgent kits-related questions you have.


Just an update here -- we're in our new digs! Lots of photo updates:





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