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Claire Nobles and Brendan Scully - Water Samples, Conductivity, and Fun Times

by brendanscully | October 01, 2014 15:55 01 Oct 15:55 | #11220 | #11220

Below is the link to our previous post about the process of getting our water samples.

Our three samples were all from different puddles around the downtown Boston area. Our first sample was from fire hydrant runoff in Chinatown. Our second sample was from a puddle outside the Beacon Hill Market, and the third was from another puddle in Chinatown.

Here are the links to the two of us testing the conductivity of these water samples.

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Sample 3:

In these videos it was quite evident that the pitch of the sound from the sensor correlates with the conductivity in each water sample. There are many factors in the conductivity levels of water, but our hypothesis is that when there are higher concentrations of pollution, various items, and run-off in the water, the conductivity is higher. This is supported in our videos. Enjoy watching!


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