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Spectroscopic Studies of Beer

by brandta5 | October 03, 2015 19:27 03 Oct 19:27 | #12263 | #12263

What I want to do

I want to use the Desktop Spectrometry Kit to classify different types of Local Brews in Connecticut

My attempt and results

Questions and next steps

I am curious as to how this kit works in terms of what types of results this kit gives. Does it give spectral data as in IR which shows functional groups or data pertaining to a UV-Vis which give absorbance and transmittance values?

Why I'm interested


Using the spectrometer and the online program Spectral Workbench, you observe light intensities. It is not exactly "UV-Vis" since the webcam of the spectrometer does not pick up UV wavelengths, and the excitation lamp is at 405 nm, so it really only deals with the visible range. Test it out on beers to see if you can discern the types!

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I have my kit set up. Where do I put the sample and where do I put my light source?

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