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Drone work with modified infrablue Canon a495

by bilco1 | June 18, 2015 05:46 18 Jun 05:46 | #11986 | #11986

here are some photos of before and after processing with ned hornings plugin using fiji

i have had some very successful and non successful flights and finalized mosaics.

could anyone tell me why some photos respond very well to the plugin and some dont respond well whatsoever and produce little if not no coloration, my input is that the timing of the photos taken are too early and the vines dont have enough foliage on them to output enough infrared light for the camera to pick up

exactly the same camera and setup was used, i cant guarantee that the white balance was the same, or other settings.







Nice mosaics.

The color images seem to have a typical range of colors. These look like good results. Can you explain why you were expecting something else? It's hard to evaluate these results more fully without knowing things like which filter was used, how white balance was done, what the crop is, what the Fiji settings were, and what lut was used. I assume this is NDVI.

The unprocessed images look a little too brown and not orange enough. If the crop is young and most of the field is bare soil, the dominant NDVI values might not reflect plant health.


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