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Reviewing & synthesizing microplastics research on Public Lab

by bhamster | August 19, 2020 21:42 19 Aug 21:42 | #24358 | #24358

Image: microplastics and other debris from several rivers. CC BY 4.0, Wagner et al. Microplastics in freshwater ecosystems: what we know and what we need to know. Environ Sci Eur 26, 12 (2014).

The next topic we'll be reviewing and updating on Public Lab is...microplastics!

What's the purpose of the review?

We'll update the microplastics wiki page and other related pages on the Public Lab website so that newcomers will know where to begin in microplastics monitoring, tool development, and advocacy.

What will we do in the review to reach this goal?

We'll turn to Public Lab and other resources to learn about and synthesize information on:

  • Currently available and emerging approaches and methods to monitor microplastics pollution in water
  • Which communities might be impacted by microplastics pollution
  • Advocacy that communities can do with microplastics pollution data
  • What's still unknown in microplastics research and potential next steps

...and more as we uncover new information and challenges.

When will we do the review?

Over the next several weeks until late September 2020. Over that time, we'll have opportunities to share resources and challenges, and to synthesize together.

Why did we choose microplastics?

We chose microplastics based on interest from communities in Public Lab and beyond. After this review, we'll regularly review other topics in a similar way, and will be seeking community input on which topics to prioritize next.

What are some ways to help or follow along?

  • Have you heard of microplastics monitoring projects happening in your community or elsewhere? Please share!
  • Do you have knowledge, experiences, or stories to share on microplastics monitoring, tool development, or advocacy? Please share those, too!
  • Do you want to follow updates on this review? Subscribe to microplastics and receive updates about new posts, and also stay tuned for news about a public event in September.


@bhamster excited to be collaborating on this effort with you -- and toward reversing the decline in the oceans health! Couldn't be during a more monumental time, learn more here:

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