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Event: Welcome to the soil research area review!

by bhamster | January 25, 2021 22:27 25 Jan 22:27 | #25535 | #25535

Join us on a call to kick-off a research area review on soil contamination and be a part of this collaborative project. If you've used or created accessible tools for detecting soil contaminants, we'd love to hear from you!

WHEN: Tuesday, Feb. 2, at 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET / 8 pm UTC / other time zones, during Public Lab's regularly-scheduled Open Call.

WHERE: Click here to Join Zoom Meeting

WHAT: Come to talk about what we'll be doing over the next two months on the topic of soil contamination, and how you can participate! We'll meet each other and figure out how we can share and build knowledge and skills towards investigating soil contamination in our communities. More details on the soil research area review are here.

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@jjcreedon - hope you can join us! Do you know of others who might also be interested?

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Yes, Ill plan to join

Does anyone know the source of this diagram. I think someone from PL provided??


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Thank you!

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Thanks so much to everyone who joined this call!

A brilliant group of people came with questions, ideas, and lots of enthusiasm for working together on soil. Check out the call notes here:

I'll be taking much of the input from the call to direct activities for the soil research area review and will post some questions with the soil tag so we can work on them together 😃

I really enjoyed the discussion and look forward to more talk about soil!

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