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Mapping Vineyards with Quadcopter Using converted Canon Powershot A495

by bc512 | August 18, 2013 23:35 18 Aug 23:35 | #9035 | #9035

Using a Quadcopter and some software to control the Copter Autonomously, I can take infrared photos using my converted Canon A495 from directly above the area I choose.

the best thing about the copter is I can set the altitude I would like it to fly at and set the mission course and then go.

also the Camera hangs perfectly underneath the copter and takes photos directly downwards

The only thing holding me back now is waiting on the filter packs to be sent to me! :(

if anyone would like any maps done of the south of Australia, either it be visible or infrared let me know!





Nice! i used the same T-bracket to mount dual infrared/visible cameras. Good choice :-)

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Warren, Sean here, this is EXACTLY what I invisioned 6 months ago when I thought of this. We need to get in touch asap!

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And bc512, would love to get in touch!

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wait, sean -- the T-bracket?

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No, the application in general. GPS overlay web-app, with adjustable positioning. There is more too. Sorry to cause confusion.

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happy to get in contact guys shoot me an email;

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