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by bash | April 02, 2017 13:51 02 Apr 13:51 | #14082 | #14082

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About me

Hey, my name is Batracov Dmitry and I'm web developer. The main language in which I code is ruby. Of course I've some experience in javascript(jQuery), some C/C++ on University level and java in this semester started to learn. I'm interested in: golang and python after couple of years I'll learn them.

Affiliation (organization/school, if any)

Location: (Republic of Moldova, Chisinau(It's between Romania and Ukraine))

Project description

_I think I and my mentor will talk about this task later, but overall how is written issues I will use m_ailman or something similar to him. This all will work with ActiveJob(I think gem sidekiq will be helpful). And I don't know which tool your team use in production but I know that sidekiq after some time use too much memory and we should it restart manually. For automation restart we can use Cron or Monit(I'd some experience with that tool).

Abstract/summary (<20 words):


_My project will add advanced feature for email. _


Break your project up into small projects -- one per week!


Only the concomitant direction of the mentor is needed


I've installed and run on my pc


It will be my first contribution but not last, How I said in topic "about me" I am familiar with ruby and javascript. This all I've learned by myself. I have some projects on github: They're a little bit old, after 1-2 weeks when I a little bit will free I want to start my project. I don't know what it will be, but I want to test some tech, like: rabbitmq, websockets and couple of gems.


Only with my friend, but I know how to work with git, it's now a problem.


I think all projects should be opensource and I just want to prove to myself that I can work and quickly learn new tech.


For all people


Only students can participate in GSoC and I'm free during 3 moths.

I think the best way is to make every 1-2 weeks some commits, t__o keep a mentor in the know that I'm doing something.

For example: first week, I've successfully added sidekiq in project and some gems etc ...

And further if I will end this task earlier I can help with OAUTH via some Social Networks


Hello, have you had an opportunity to download and set up the plots2 codebase? We'd love to see a small pull request from you, even for a minor change -- it's helpful to see how familiar you are with our contribution workflow. Thanks!

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