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Android app for Image sequencer

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About me

Hello, I am Ashwin Vasudevan, currently pursuing B.E in Electronics and Instrumentation engineering at Easwari Engineering College, Chennai. I have a variety of skills from app development to UI/UX to ROS and embedded. Last year, I obtained a 100,000 grant from Analog Devices India as a part of an IOT fellowship named "Anveshan". In this fellowship, I was working on an IOT platform which collects and analyzes data to improve agriculture intelligence. The platform interfaced with public lab's cameras(Mobius Action cam) and thus obtained false NIR images.

Affiliation Easwari Engineering College (Anna University)

Location: Chennai

Project description

By developing an app for Image Sequencer, the services of public labs are available to a wider user base. It helps public labs build a stronger brand and thus bring in more people to contribute towards their mission. Apart from image sequencer'__s features, one significant addon that I plan to add will be batch processing. Image sequencer will not only be applicable towards publiclab's community but also the wider image processing community.

Abstract/summary (<20 words): I will be developing an android app for in image-sequencer

Prototypeimage description


Provided that I am selected, I would require help in exposing the webhooks. As Mr.Jeffrey Warren pointed out developing a fully native app will be difficult to maintain. Hence I will be using a wrapper.


Hi, @ashwinvasudevan - thanks for your proposal -- I appreciate the UI mockups. Have you had an opportunity to try forking and making a simple pull request to the image-sequencer library? Thanks!

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@warren Not as of yet, will be submitting in a couple of days! Any feedback on the app?

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Hi, @ashwinvasudevan - I think that, although I like the idea of the app, image-sequencer may need a lot more back-end infrastructural work before we can start developing an app around it. I know you're interested in Android work, but do you think you could think through how you might work on image-sequencer as a stand-alone module before starting to work on more advanced UIs for it? Perhaps you might suggest some html/javascript-based UI work that would be more general purpose, but that could also later be used in an app?

Thank you!

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@warren I would be interested in working on image-sequencer. We can have the android goal as the stretch goal? If image-sequencer is completed satisfactorily maybe we can proceed with the app.

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