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UCSB Campus Point

by asac177 | May 03, 2015 22:55 03 May 22:55 | #11781 | #11781

Made by Kite Ariel Photography

Capture date: July 25, 2014; Camera: Canon PowerShot S90 running CHDK with KAP UAV (v. 3.1) script; Rig: Brooxes Simplex Kit; Kite: Levitation Delta; Estimated camera altitude: 150 ft.

MapKnitter maps with more images from this series: Campus point test; Ucsb campus point; Campus point at ucsb; Ucsb's campus point by dylan lambert-gilliam; Campus point


Nice result. What kite, camera, rig was used? What altitude? Nice image. Is there a multi-image stitched MapKnitter map?

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Thanks @patcoyle.

Note about us (asac177): We are a class of ~22 UC Santa Barbara students posting the results of a KAP workshop under a common username. Most of us are new to MapKnitter and Public Lab, so we're still learning the ropes!

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