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GSoC Final Update for Mapknitter- Rotation and Scaling.

by anishshah101 | August 15, 2014 21:08 15 Aug 21:08 | #11059 | #11059

The following features for the Leaflet based Edit page are complete: 1) Dragging


2) Rotation


3) Scaling


4) Outline


5) Transparency mode


6) Image Distortion


Mapknitter fork link:


1) All these features do not work together as of now. Rotation and Scaling work together. Distortions works separately, so does Dragging. Transparency and outline work with every case. I have kept 3 separate urls to test each functionality individually.

2) The map zoom handler and map dragging handler do not work smoothly with all the functions. I have simply enabled dragging and zooming which occurs through Leaflet, they need to be customized specifically for distorted images.

3) The functions have been tested to work on Firefox + Chrome for desktop and Chrome for Android only. Bugs might appear on other browsers.

Things to do in the remaining days:

1) Add documentation for the code. 2) Merge the branch with mapknitter master branch.


Thanks Anish! I'm glad to see the screenshots from MapKnitter!

Can you edit this research note to link to the GitHub MapKnitter repository with these changes? Please note which branch you are committing to as well, if it is not the master branch.

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Hello Bryan,

Added the Mapknitter fork link in the research note:

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Thanks, Anish. If you think it's ready, I will try it out locally and then push it to the live server so people can try these interfaces out.


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all the features seem to work seamlessly here in Firefox 31 on Mac OS zx 10.9:

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Hi Jeff, I had submitted a pull request to publiclab mapknitter repo yesterday. Should I send a pull request to your repo as well?

The features work individually with visible bugs while dragging and zooming. I think we can still try them out. I have some idea about how to solve them and integrate the features. I changed the leaflet source on my local machine with some success. I think I can work on it as we collect feedback or if somebody has a better solution then we can discuss and solve it?

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I saw that, just wanted to confirm. I'll try to pull them in and test today or tomorrow, thanks!

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@mathew - I don't see any interface at -- did you mean to respond to @xvidun's post?

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Nice to read that is working on Android, actual version of mapknitter don't work on my android 4.4 tablet :(

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