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How a Glue Gun Works

by amysoyka | July 17, 2014 08:09 17 Jul 08:09 | #10701 | #10701

How it works

The electrical current passes through a piece of ceramic material that then heats up a metal pipe. Glue sticks are then melted as the they are pushed down the pipe and out of the nozzle.

Why I am interested

Glue sticks for glue guns are really expensive so I was thinking of setting up a metal tin, heating it with plastic inside & then having it extrude that melted plastic out of a small length of metal pipe.

I am hopefully that eventually this method could be used to turn recycled plastic into filament for 3D printers.


Very interesting your idea.

I think is important to evaluate what types of plastics that the heater is able to melt. and evaluate also if the viscosity of the molten plastic is low enough to flow through the orifice.

If you put chopped plastic inside the heater, you will need some kind of plunger to press molten plastic.

And the plunger must prevent the molten plastic from leak out the back of the heated tube, and flowing only through the front hole.

Congratulations for your idea. Markos

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