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The Story of the Stoney Creek. Part 1.

by amysoyka | February 19, 2015 21:47 19 Feb 21:47 | #11607 | #11607


Near where I live, there is a giant concrete drain that runs through a cluster of factories found on the outskirts of Sunshine, Victoria, Australia. I was curious as to the relevance of this drain. What was it there for? Where did it emerge? Why did it run through a hevily polluted area? As I looked into it further, I discovered that this now concrete drain has an incredible history to it, one that is intertwined deeply with the local area. Such is the importance of this concrete drain, the negligence of planning and development in the area poses a great risk, for a number of reasons, to the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who reside in the western suburbs of one of Australia's most significant Metropolises' - Melbourne.

Zoom around on this map and see if you can find & identify the route of the Stony/Stoney Creek

Hint: It is to the west of Melbourne CBD & runs between the Korroroit Creek & The Maribyrnong River into Port Phillip Bay.


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