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Curriculum for Infragram

by amandaf , mathew | August 09, 2014 00:27 09 Aug 00:27 | #11026 | #11026

What we want to do

Create four lesson plans for middle and high school teachers to introduce IR photography, Infragram Sandbox, and environmental monitoring. Please check out lesson 1 and 2 in the wiki

Our Plan

Lesson 1: Plants, geography of Louisiana, and need for wetlands monitoring and IR photography (link to the wiki)

  • plant seeds to use in lesson 3 or 4
  • possible hands-on activity about storm surges or oil spills/extraction
  • possible watershed activity- create model watershed from paper, spray with water
  • focus on photosynthesis

Lesson 2: More than meets the eye (the electromagnetic spectrum and how we see light) (link to the wiki)

  • possibly make spectrometer
  • use colored filter and enclosed box to view items of different colors and learn about how we perceive color
  • mixing pigments vs mixing lights: use colored filters and flashlights (or glow sticks) to mix light and discover how it creates different colors
  • discuss components of eyes, then view optical illusion (false-colored flag that leaves a negative afterimage of the typical red, white, and blue)

Lesson 3: Basics of Photography

  • use cheap webcam and/or camera phone with remote control to see IR (cameras that don't have IR filter)
  • Remove IR filter from digital cameras alter white balance
  • photograph stressed and unstressed plants (from lesson 1) and view in pseudocolor/false color

Lesson 4: Bringing it all together

  • most of class will be devoted to a larger project using modded cameras (specifics to be determined)

Questions and next steps

What should the final project in Lesson 4 be?


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