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Soil Sampling

by alealewis100 | April 30, 2021 18:41 30 Apr 18:41 | #26430 | #26430

_Yesterday I was soil sampling in very dry grass and heat. Everybody who I was doing it with each had different things to do, One was collecting samples and putting the samples in a bowl (using gloves), The other one was writing down what the soil and temperature was like and She was cleaning the bowl and shovel after every sample, and I was putting the samples in the containers and removing the grass out the soil (using gloves) and using a spoon to put 3 scoops of soil in each container and labeling the container. We made sure that we didn't touch the soil with our naked hands so we all tried to use gloves besides the one who was washing the bowl after we was done with the sample. _


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