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Week 2 @ GSOC 2020: Mapknitter Export Module and Spectral Workbench upgrades

by alaxallves | May 15, 2020 21:18 15 May 21:18 | #23637 | #23637

This week I got to do some planning and also chatting with the folks at PublicLab. I have talked to Ruturaj Mohite and we have succesfully included the SimpleCov test coverage tool in the Rails upgrade at the Spectral Workbench repository:

I have also participated in the community’s weekly bonding, where everyone in the community gets a chance to chat and report their accomplishments of the week:

I’m also awaiting review on some PRs, such as:

My plans on the upcoming week is to create a detailed Planning Issue, as my mentor @warren has requested, for both Spectral and Mapknitter Exporter projects.

To see this same post at DIAL check:


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