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Raspberry Pi Camera and Vision

by ajguthrie99 | November 15, 2020 19:26 15 Nov 19:26 | #25063 | #25063

The next module that I went through to begin learning how to use the Raspberry Pi was from an O'Riley Textbook. The textbook was called Raspberry Pi vision and walked me through many different things having to do with the camera and the Pi itself. We first learned how to connect the camera to the Raspberry Pi, initiate it using the command raspi-config, and take a picture. We then took a detour from the camera, and learned how to make the Pi a WIFI hotspot, in order to be able to connect to it, if we wanted to use it as a security camera. After this, we then created a python script to create a time-lapse. We then learned how to code the pi for motion detection, recording video only when there is motion thus saving memory. Lastly, we did a little bit of machine learning for identifying peoples faces. This module was extremely helpful for my individual thesis, and I am going to be referring back to this module a lot in the coming months.


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