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Internationalize GSoC 2016

by ZhanLiangUF | March 19, 2016 22:01 19 Mar 22:01 | #12863 | #12863

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Name: Zhan Liang

Affiliation (school/degree): University of Florida, Major in Biotechnology and Minor in Business Administration. Graduate in fall of 2017.

Location (where you are): Gainesville, Florida.


Phone: (if you prefer not to post it here, please email it to with a link to your application.)- 813-766-0288

Project(s) you're working on or want to, i.e. Spectral Workbench or MapKnitter:

Project title -- the title of YOUR proposed project: Internationalize

Project description Internationalize

Abstract/summary (<20 words): Internationalization is the process of planning and implementing products and services so that they can easily be adapted to specific local languages and cultures, a process called localization.

Describe the need your project fulfills:

So far, all have is the functionality to tag a post or wiki with "lang:es" for spanish, and then you can see the content in spanish. This works for other language too. Once internalization is in place, people can localize the footer, header, sidebars, menus, posting forms, and more.

How will your project meet this need:

Internationalize headers and footers and eventually create subdomains for each language.


Apr.22-May 9

• Learn the skills require for the project.

• Set up a slack for communication with my mentor.

• Become familiar with internationalization gem.

May 10-June 6

• Provide an array of languages that will be available.

• Each locale requires a file to store translations for the headers and footers.Create locale files using the root key, one for each language.

• Will require help with the translations of each locale file.

• Changing layout will be necessary because some text will be 2-3 times longer or shorter due to the translation.

• Add new views for the new locale files for the different languages. We can use the translate method that will accept one argument and look up the translation file regarding to the argument.

• Write unit/integration test for controllers/views/routes changed.

June 07-June 20

• Add language-switching control to the menu using bootstrap's style and scripts.

• Thus we will need new routes for changing the locale and most likely change in the settings controller.

• We can go fancier by setting the locale based on the User’s Country, by using the gem ‘geocoder’.

• Write CSS files for language switching control.

• Write unit/integration test for the views/controllers/routes for the other language.

June 21- July 1(Midterm)

• Submit code to mentor.

• Evaluations.

July 2-31

• At this point, all the links, buttons, labels, and menu items will be translated.

• Translating user-generated content will be the most challenging thing to do.

• Install Globalize gem. This gem uses a separate translation table, so we will have to modify which field we want to translate before migration.

• Create appropriate migration for posts, and modify accordingly using the up and down method because globalize doesn't support change method.

August 1- August 23

• Clean up CSS files, and try to move as much code from view to controller.

• Submit code to mentor.

• Mentor will evaluate our final code.

What broader goal is your project working towards?

Allowing to be accessed in different languages which will increase the amount of users.

What resources will you need: people, documentation, literature, sample data, hardware if applicable:

Will need people to do the actual translations, and need more specific documentation on internationalizing a website.

Current documentation I have is - Rails Internationalization(I18n) API by rubyonrails and Go Global with Rails and I18n by Sitepoint; Geocoder documentation

Setup Have you forked the relevant codebases? Installed them in a dev environment such as Need help doing so? Please provide a link to each of the above.

Yes, I am using sublime text editor and have ruby and rails installed on my system.

Experience Describe your technical background; what languages you use, what projects you've contributed to before, links to GitHub or other code repositories or samples. Have you read the Contributor Guidelines at and are you comfortable submitting pull requests?

I have experience in Java, Ruby on Rails, and Swift. Github link: Yes I have read the contributor guidelines and I have submitted pull requests before so I am comfortable with them.

Teamwork Describe teams you've worked with before, whether open or closed source, and in what capacity you participated. Cite examples of how you were self-motivated and self-sufficient.

I am currently working on a iOS development team using swift. We are a group of three working on a car pooling application to get groceries. We work on separate user stories and push to a different branch and use github to merge our work. By working on our own for different features, I have come across many obstacles in which I was able to solve by using the power of google.

Expertise Would you describe yourself as especially good at or interested in some aspect of coding or problem solving, or open source science? Provide examples and links. Are you particularly suited to this proposed project?

I think I am a good problem solver. I did not come from a computer science background, so most of the time I had to solve my own problems without outside help when coding. Furthermore, I am suited for this proposed project because I speak two languages: Chinese and English, and understand the importance of internationalization of PublicLab. China's pollution is pretty bad from personal experience and I believe that internationalizing PublicLab to Chinese and other languages will benefit many people and the environment.

Interest Do you have prior interest in or work towards open science or environmental justice goals?

Being a Biotechnology major, I have learned a lot about environmental justice. I have a passion for software development and this is a great cause for my passion.

Audience Whom will your work serve? Lay users, other programmers, non-technical people or nerds? While exploring advanced techniques is great, we especially appreciate proposals which make technologies and techniques more legible and user-friendly to non-technical users.

Internationalizing Public Lab will allow access to more users, especially users that don't know English.

Context What motivates you to do the proposed work? Do you also have coursework or degree related reasons for pursuing it? This wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing - if you are for example looking to explore work related to a thesis topic.

I want to meet new people and gain new experience by contributing to Open Source projects such as this one. Furthermore, I love the goals of Public Lab and would love for more user accessibility to Public Lab.

Ongoing involvement Explain how you intend to continue being an active member of your project and/or Public Laboratory AFTER the summer is over.

I will continue to contribute to PublicLab. Internationalizing will take a while, especially if we want to do more than one language. Furthermore I would like to participate as a mentor after successful completion of my project.

Commitment Do you understand this is a serious commitment, equivalent to a full-time paid summer internship or summer job?

Yes, I intend to commit full-time to this project.


Hi, ZhanLiangUF - thanks for your proposal! A few questions:


what about doing this on the client side, using the geocoder API? See

I'll repeat my comments from the proposal posted by @jiteshxyz --

Another question -- how does this work with JavaScript libraries that we use? I'm wondering because we're probably going to break out the editor into a separate module, in its own repository. Would it then be necessary to internationalize that independently? And what about JavaScript in our own site, how is that managed if it inserts English text?

This is a big, and ambitious project. I hope that it can be done in stages, so that rebasing and merging does not become very difficult. Perhaps just the header could be internationalized for starters.

Also, some other students have gone through some small bug fixes to demonstrate that they're comfortable with the Contributor Guidelines and with creating and working with pull requests. Actually contributing before the program starts is of course not necessary, but it's nice to know people have read the docs and are prepared to issue pull requests. Perhaps if you did so for a very small change, just to demonstrate that you're comfortable with the process, that'd be helpful to us to know.


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  1. I think that is a good idea to use the geocoder API and by checking user's IP and setting the most suitable locale.

  2. "Another question -- how does this work with JavaScript libraries that we use? I'm wondering because we're probably going to break out the editor into a separate module, in its own repository. Would it then be necessary to internationalize that independently? "

Please let me know if I am understanding your question correctly. After some researching on how to internationalize with javascript, I think that we should have a global i18n object and fill it with the correct language information and translations. The translations will be accessed through a function and if there is a translation it will be used but if not it will default back to english, which is ideal if we are behind in translations. Also because each languages have different word orders, we will need to keep coherent string together.Since Javascript doesn't have "sprintf function"-slots variable into place within the string; we will have to write out own.

  1. Okay, what do you mean by "very small change", I am currently working on a group iOS project so I am comfortable working with pull requests.

  2. I agree that it is a big project, but I think we can do more than just the headers, for example I think we can change the menu items on the main page and set them accordingly using the Geocoder gem.

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Hi, ZhanLiangUf - thanks; it's not a requirement, so don't worry about it, but some of the other students have submitted small bugfixes to confirm that they have working code and are comfortable with our contributor guidelines.

Re: more than the headers, definitely. I'm just saying I think it'd help to start with those, confirm that the system works in production, then move on to more of the site. One step at a time, you know? Thanks!

Finally, be sure you get your proposal in to Google's site in PDF format, i believe it's due today! Thanks and good luck!

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