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Public Lab River Rat Pack—St. Louis – Xiaoxin Cao

by Xiaoxin | May 12, 2016 08:11 12 May 08:11 | #13107 | #13107

When I was in China three years ago, I have heard of John McPhee’s stunning story “ Atchafalaya.” Is about Humans vs. The Mississippi River. It is very interesting to me, so I am not hesitated to take this class.

In the past, watercourse of Mississippi River flows towards Gulf of Mexico naturally. The water way has been shaped in many ways to suit hum needs, like dams, levees, and control structures.

I am interested in Flood control structure that is a natural process and beneficial for wildlife. In the exhibition, I have continued to analyze the flood control along the river through the separate diagram.

This class promotes my awareness and understanding of the Mississippi river Flooding. I have learned its environments, its place in the natural world and the dynamic interaction between the river systems and human and wildlife habitat through a series of site visits and large number of aerial photos.



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