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NIR Archaeological Research

by ThomasFinanPhD | December 02, 2015 00:55 02 Dec 00:55 | #12468 | #12468

What I want to do

I want to develop an airborne Raspberry Pi controlled camera to record NIR imagery of archaeological landscapes. The camera will be carried by an APM quad-copter.

My attempt and results

Still in development.

Questions and next steps

Ive ordered the PublicLab camera filters, and will be trying both the red and blue. Ive written some code for the Raspberry Pi to take the photos and record them, but am still working on the auto load within the software.

Why I'm interested

Im always looking for new ways to do archaeological surveying and prospection.


Hi Thomas,

There has been a long discussion of this very topic here today. It happened in the comments to a four year old research note on a mostly unrelated topic, so you might have missed it. Check out today's comments on this note:

One of the issues was whether the Public Lab filters are the best ones for this purpose.


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