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Microplastics, Pollution, Landfill, and Trash Amid Exploding World Population

by TheChessGym | April 12, 2022 15:00 12 Apr 15:00 | #30349 | #30349

The picture attached is a painful reminder of the ruins left behind by Hurricane Ida of August 29, 2021 that devastated St. John the Baptist, St. Charles, and St. James parishes. The debris collected in the aftermath of the storm only added to an already insurmountable mass of microplastic and macroplastic waste totals in these parishes. The water, land, and air quality had previously been adversely affected by chemical plant wastes and careless and neglectful human trash deposits. Due to sparse public trash collections resulting from a lack of manpower (employees ravaged by the storm) residents began relocating their trash to unauthorized areas which only exacerbated an existing waste problem. Considering the alarm sounded by population growth experts, additional trash which contaminates our current depleting natural resources, spells disaster. Sound the alarm for human intervention. This is a man-made problem that will warrant a man-made solution.


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