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"Worldometer" The Alarming Rise Of The World's Population Amid Depleting Water Resources

by TheChessGym | April 11, 2022 15:16 11 Apr 15:16 | #30347 | #30347

The Environmental Science Class observed the "Worldometer" which gave an approximate estimate of the World's increasing population growth. The graph simulated the number of births and deaths every second. The graph also contrasted the number of births against the number of deaths per day and even presented the overall resulting population increase per month. Given the studies we have conducted on the water cycle, water as a natural resource, the minimal percentage of water available for human consumption, and the deterioration, contamination, and depletion and pollution of (microplastics) our unrenewable water resource. The topics are all interconnected. The link to the "Worldometer" is attached. No wonder water and its conservation and preservation are so vitally important. null


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