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Where are missing 99% of microplastic pollution in the ocean?

by TheChessGym | March 03, 2022 19:54 03 Mar 19:54 | #30095 | #30095

nullWhy is 99% of ocean microplastic pollution missing?

The video under this title provided some frightening, yet realistic data researched in the area of microplastic pollution in our oceans. The study revealed that only 1% of all of the plastic pollutants in the world's oceans are on the surface. Like the infamous "iceberg" most of the microplastic waste lie below the surface. Surprisingly, scientist have estimated that the remaining 99% of all the earth's oceanic microplastic pollution lie on the ocean floor! Other microplastics are consumed by aquatic creatures, and some provide homes to crustaceans, coral, and smaller aquatic life. Plastics also become weighted with algae and other organisms which push them below the surface down to the ocean's floor. The link attached provides additional information on this important issue.


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