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Microplastics In The Drinking Water---Dr. Scott Coffin

by TheChessGym | February 23, 2022 16:11 23 Feb 16:11 | #30076 | #30076

"Microplastics In The Drinking Water" by Dr. Scott Coffin --

Dr. Coffin presented a very enterprising and thought provoking video on the importance of research regarding microplastics and their effects on the human body. Dr. Coffin also is responsible for regulating companies that utilize, produce, and manufacture plastic receptacles that store drinking water. The dominant area of research and legislation in plastic pollutants remains at the microplastic levels due to limited technology. However, Dr. Coffin advocates the development of advanced technological research that will allow for the testing of nanoplastic contaminants that could be potentially harmful for human consumption. Despite tests revealing plastic contaminants affecting reproduction in lab rats, the "jury" is still out on whether microplastics (and smaller "nanoplastics") could have long-term effects on human fertility.


Very interesting video. I don't know what the instruments cost is now. In the late 90s, a microscope FTIR, with ATR and libraries for analysis of microparticles, ran around $100k. That was used for the pharm/Medical industry, but we analyzed very similar microparticles. No experience with Raman. We did similar bio testing(cyto) for approval of new devices. Previous bio tests were "rat and rabbit"(acute systemic and intracutaneous toxicity). Those aren't used as much, now.

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And that's just going down a few of the paths the Dr. Has suggested. The other testing discussed will be expensive also. While the testing is probably needed, if this expands to a national level, where will the testing money (and any repair money) come from?

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