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Microplastics' Intrusion To The Human Body

by TheChessGym | February 22, 2022 16:02 22 Feb 16:02 | #30072 | #30072

Microplastics' Intrusion To The Human Body

Today we watched a video on how microplastics can enter the human body. The video entitled "

Searching for microplastics within the human body" which featured a noted author (Rick Smith) who tested his hypothesis regarding this subject. Mr. Smith imposed an experiment on himself by intentionally exposing himself to microplastics ranging from his clothing, consumption of water via plastic bottles, extending to eating foods packaged in plastics. Mr. Smith then retrieved a sample of his waste and subjected the sample to an acidic solution that removed all of the organic material which would leave a non-biodegradable residue---microplastics! Mr. Smith compared samples of his stool before and after intentionally exposing himself to microplastics. The test revealed increased levels of microplastics after exposure.The link below contains the video.


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