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by TakeshiMatsumoto | March 20, 2018 22:26 20 Mar 22:26 | #15985 | #15985

Motivation: We are dealing with piezo crystal products. We are considering new analysis technique that combining piezo sensor and spectrometer measurements. However, commercially available multichannel spectrometer is very expensive, $2,000-$4,000/p . So we decided to develop by our self.

Measuring systemMeasuring system
System : In the measurement system, connect the PC and spectrometer via USB, and measurement software perform data acquisition and graph display.

Data can be saved as a text (csv) file.

In addition, initial calibration is performed at the time of manufacturing and shipping, it is possible for users to recalibrate easily.

Filters and slits can be changed arbitrarily by the user depending on the wavelength and intensity of light.


The spectrometer uses mirrors and diffraction gratings. The photograph shows that a spectrum with incidence of a Hg lamp. You can see green, blue and purple on the right side of the screen.

Calibration :

1, Pre-measurement is occurred to using Hg lamp* . Software using dummy Pixel No. and wave length. *Hg-Ar is better.

2. Result of pre-measurement gives true pixel No. and wave length.

3. To overwrite a calibration file. (column A; pixel No., column B wave length)

Inner structureInner structure

Structure : The internal structure consists of a spectroscope, a CCD sensor, and a PCB substrate.

Contents :

-Spectrometer (slit, filter : customer's choice) x1

-Software (English or Japanese) x1

-Hex wrench x1


We are launched kickstarter project.

We think that it is important how to make results of experiments cheaply and quickly.

Commercial price of similar product is 2,000 to 4,000 USD/p but our target is within 600 USD/p.

Our spectrometer is useful for Physics spectroscopy, and main is immunoassay. (removing CCD cover, LED 260-280nm combination)

we need your support and please share this information for your members.



Very interesting project. How do piezo products the into the product? Are you using ceramic or polymer piezo products?

Good luck with your project!

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Thanks for your comment. As you can see a photo of inner part, now product have optics only. I will add to QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance) in the future.

The problem is this product needs of every knowledge of optics, electronics, software. We have a simple model and can open every know-how, but we want to collect development costs. Please let me know the idea to solve this dilemma.

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My apologies, but I still don't see where you are trying to go. The QCM will change frequency with weight. How is this going to work with the spectrometer? Thanks for the help.

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Nice project.
This spectrometer could fit into an open-source chemical kinetics project I am working on. If you would be interested in collaborating, send me an email at summers at wcu dot edu. Best, Jack

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Thanks @Ag8n, By coating the antibody on the QCM electrode, we can specify the antigen and measure its weight. And measuring spectrum @280nm, type of functional group can be presumed. Instead of a time-consuming experiment, make it easier to simulate?

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Thank you for your reply. Very good sir. That would save time!

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Welcome questions and ideas!! For example, about the measurement you want, design and price of equipment, dynamic range and measurement wavelength. Please let me know how to money making and marketing when disclosing all of optical design, software, manufacturing method etc.

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